About us
Welcome to PnP

PnP is an Agri-Tech business that works on bridging the gap between fruit farmers and retailers by formalizing the informal market by providing transparent and efficient platform for the stakeholders. We are farmer centric. We work closely with farmers to help them improve on their farming practices through interactions and demonstrations that will ensure sustainable farming. This maximizes farm output and reduces wastage. We currently work with approximately 1500 farmers with a majority comprising of smallholder farmers in farmer groups. Working closely with the farming community we are able to constantly serve the market with 40 tons of produce every week to supply bananas, mangoes, passion fruits, avocadoes, watermelons and paw paws.

Sustainable Farming

We work with local farmers empowering them for sustainable farming practices.

Minimal Bruising

We understand fruits with minimal bruising have a richer taste.

Dedicated Team

Constantly working to ensure you never miss your favourite bananas at the shelf.

PnP Team

We are led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers and challenges to continuously improve our processes and ensure both our farmers and customers grow.

Finance,Sales & Marketing Director

She has experience in accounting, financial consulting, risk management, corporate turnaround and investment banking, having worked in Kenya, South Africa and London, undertaking projects in over 20 countries.

Chief Executive Office & Chief Operating Officer

Nancy has extensive experience in management consulting focusing on strategy and operations and as well as running operations for large corporates.

PnP Vision

To provide fresh produce of the highest quality to meet the needs of a growing nation and increasing customer expectations.

PnP Mission

To enhance the well being of our customers, farmers and staff through fair business practices, service excellence, quality and the pursuit of continuous improvement. To make sure that our produce meets the customers' quality criteria of freshness, taste, feel and visual appearance.

PnP Values

Service Excellence • Fresh Produce • High Quality • Teamwork • Innovation • Partnerships

PnP Promise

Excellence and commitment to promoting the use of technology and appropriate industry best practices to improve quality of produce and reduce losses.